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Register a Company in Sri Lanka or Business Registration Sri Lanka, Dealing with a non-registered business is just like dealing with pandemonium and can be very risky as they can decide to move away without the trace. No sane person will have any business dealings with you without proper research about your business to ensure he/she is on a safer side…How to Register a Company in Sri Lanka was a very complicated hot topic in most of the young startups and entrepreneurs when it comes to getting business registration Sri Lanka in terms of the sole proprietary base or private limited company. That’s where we coming in Digital Road the professional caretaker on your business registration and bookkeeping partner for the rest of your life.

When you’re a new business owner, every Penny you spend has to provide a return on your investment. One of those expenses is the registration of your company. While it may be one of those expenses that seem largely unnecessary during the beginning stages of your business.


Firstly, we recommend you take as much time as is needed and deliberately pick a name for your organization that is significant and reasonable. This name ought to be prepared to do conspicuously separating your business from your rivals, who give comparable merchandise or potential benefits. We should then experience a name seek at the Registrar of Company and guarantee that they affirm for advancing further with your organization’s enlistment procedure.


Once your company name has been approved, we will prepare the below documents;

  • Articles of Association
  • Form 1 – Registration of a Company
  • Form 18 – Consent and Certificate of Director
  • Form 19 – Consent and Certificate of Secretary / Secretaries

All forms should be printed or typewritten. (Section 475). Handwritten forms will not be accepted. we shall show them to you for checking, verifying and signing. After that, we’ll submit them to the Registrar of Companies for the company formation process.


A company shall within thirty working days of its incorporation under this Act, give public notice*of its incorporation, specifying

  • the name and company number of the company
  • the address of the company’s registered office.

After completing the registration procedure obtain the Tax Identification Number (TIN).

The process of Setting Up a New Business:

  • Reserve a unique company name
  • FormRegister at the Department of the Registrar of Companies
  • FormPublic notice of incorporation
  • Register with the tax authorities and obtain a Tax Identification Number (TIN)

The above new company Registration process, we are ready to offer

LKR 31,000/- or learn more about company registration Sri Lanka pricing here

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