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Who are eligibility to Obtaining a Tax Payer Identification Number?

Those who are liable to pay income tax, value added tax (VAT), Optional VAT, NBT, Economic Service Charges (ESC). Pay as you earn tax (PAYE) and stamp Duty or should be Importer/Exporter.

Supporting Documents Required

1. If an Individual Business or partnership

I. Certificate of the business registration.
II. Photocopy of the National Identity Card of the owner/partners

2. If Limited Company Registered Under Companies Act 7 of 2007

I. Articles of Association
II. Certificate of Incorporation.
III. Form 1 certified by Register of Companies.
IV. Form 20, certified by Register of Companies.
3. Commercial invoice and Bill of Lading for the purpose of import activities.
4. In case of Export activities, Export License issued by Export Development Board.
5. Photocopies of all the documents requested should be furnished with the application.
6. The application form issued by this section for companies should be signed by a director and that signature should be confirmed by the Memorandum of association or form 48. / Form 1 and Articles of association.

For obtaining the certificate

1. In case of Particular business, the owner should come.
2. In case of a partnership one of the partners should come.
3. In case of a company the director should come.
4. when any others person comes he should submit a proper letter of authority.

Obtaining a Temporary VAT Certificate


1. Those who import goods up to a value not exceeding Rs. 650,000 per quarter and not exceeding Rs. 2,500,000 per annum.
2. Those who import goods exempted from VAT.
3. Those who import goods not for business purposes.

Supporting Documents Required

I. Tax payers Identification Number (TIN certificate)
II. In case of import purposes, the, Invoice and the Bill of lading.
III. In case of export purposes, the, export license issued by the Export Development Board.
IV. In case of income tax payers, the receipt of last payment.
V. In case of business, business registration certificate.
VI. NIC of the applicant.

(All the above documents are to be submitted with photocopies)

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